Garda Options

Bike Trails..

Some recommended routes could be Finale and Garda and the great bonus is you get a guide who has worked for Luca bike travel for many years who knows all the best trails. He can also guide you on where to stay, the best places to eat, the best ice cream, bike hire and more..

Prices start from £575.00  (Including accommodation, uplifts and guiding) click here for more info..Take the stress out of building your holiday and let Rebbens Adventures tailor it for you!

Tailored Packages..

We can tailor the rides to suit your level of skill and arrange for you to ride with bikers of a simular standard.We know the trails like the back of our hand and are constantly working on new routes to keep it fresh and interesting.

You could always organise it all yourself of course though this way the research has been done and you can be assured of a bespoke package with the best places and the best possible price.Our objective is to provide you with advise and solutions on how to get the most out of your trip to Garda. Its not an off the shelf holiday. We can arrange the accommodation, bike hire, shuttle, guiding and even the night life. We can also arrange the best way to get here.